Gewinde Ziegler AG has specialised in thread grinding since 1932 and is able to produce any type of thread.

Founded in 1982, Gewinde Satelliten Antriebe AG (GSA AG) is one of the leading, internationally active manufacturers of high-precision roller screws.

Die Firma Gewinde
Ziegler AG ist seit 1932 im Bereich des Gewindeschleifens spezialisiert
und in der Lage, jegliche Art von Gewinden herzustellen. Die ständige
Weiterentwicklung in diesem Bereich und der stets nach den neusten
Erkenntnissen ausgebaute Maschinenpark erlauben es der Firma Gewinde
Ziegler AG, sich allen Herausforderungen auf dem Gewindeschleifsektor zu
stellen. Als innovative Firma sind wir ISO 9001:2015 und ISO 14001:2015
zertifiziert und immer darauf bedacht, alle Anforderungen unserer
Kundschaft in Bezug auf Qualität und Termin gerecht zu werden.

Thanks to the hardening plant built in 2019, all production processes for manufacturing our products take place in-house, resulting in a high degree of flexibility and secured know-how for our customers.

Discover all the milestones in our company chronology


Acquisition of a patent and purchase of six machines for the production of taps and thread profiling by Linus Ziegler.
Relocation from Solothurn to Horriwil in the new building of a single-family house and studio, Subingenstrasse 8.
Purchase of the first thread grinding machine SIP
Extension of the studio at Subingenstrasse 8 in Horriwil
Urs Ziegler takes over after Linus Ziegler's passing
Construction of the first third of the current production hall: relocation with six people and all the machines.
Foundation of Gewinde Satelliten Antriebe AG (GSA AG)
Extension of the production hall
Purchase of the former Flury Präzisionsdrehteile in Feldbrunnen
Reto Ziegler takes over after Urs Ziegler's passing
Expansion of the last third of the current production hall with a new 4,500 m2 production area, a total of approx. 70 employees including six apprentices.
Purchase of 2,630 m2 of industrial land from the municipality of Horriwil
Takeover of Härterei Hertig AG in 2540 Grenchen, Switzerland.
Expansion of new hall for turning / satellite grindery with canteen
New hardening plant in Horriwil


We are happy to pass on our many years of experience in the industry and, thanks to the latest equipment such as CAD, FEM and CAM, we can guarantee trainees in the following professions a comprehensively sound basic training.

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