Male Thread Grinding

Generations of experience and the use of highly modern measuring systems allow us to guarantee the highest precision and quality of our products.

Our machinery includes conventional as well as automated CNC machines. CNC technologies are a guarantee for economical production. Our flexibility is further increased though the variety of materials we are able to process.

Female Thread Grinding

In addition to our male/external thread grinding programme, we possess an extremely flexible female/internal thread grindery. Our machinery includes conventional and automated CNC machines.

We are able to grind large as well as very small dimensions. Our CAD system allows for the creation of construction designs of various thread types and the generation of the corresponding machine programme. We're thus capable of producing any type of female/internal thread.

Thread types and designs

Visionary thinking and determined action have led to us being able to grind any thread form designs. Thanks to the latest computer technology, we are able to manufacture any thread form design economically, with high quality and on time.

Worm shafts

In addition to our core business, we can count on long-term experience in grinding worm shafts of the profile types E/K/N/A up to module 25 / 1-30 gears. We are machining small and medium series of these worm shafts.

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